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Game currency World of Warcraft RU in any amount will be delivered to the selected server and transferred to the name of your character via in-game mail for 15 minutes after notification of the operator. In some cases delivery can last up to 3-4 hours.

For Gold You should contact the operator via ICQ, Skype, or Email, and tell a unique product code,

which you will receive after payment to indicate the exact name of your character and the time when you can get the order.

The contact details are specified in the operator information about the seller.


Available server:



"Borean Tundra"

"Eternal song"





"Lich King"

"The Pirate Bay"



"Howling Fjord"



"Guardian of Death"


"Weaver's death"

"Black Scar"

"Ash wood"



Sincerely Administration MmoTorg.Ru

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