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I present to you a unique method of raising the thematic citation index by which to receive TCI 10-30 for the site will not be difficult. The archive method is detailed manual, which describes all the stages of the process, plus there

php-script that simplifies some aspects, as well as a bonus - a method of accelerating indexing of your site by search engines.
The method: there is a base site, links are generated in such a way that if the substitute at the end of the address of the site link, it turns so as to form a link to your site. The basis of the order of 290 such links. The archive also describes how fast your site stand address. Once you've generated links, you must place them on the pages of a website or blog, for this you can use the free platform (people, ucoz etc.). All this and much more you will learn after the acquisition of this method.

Well, finally, a small bonus - a quick method of indexing a new site in the search engines, which will take you no more than 2 minutes, and after 1-2 apa issuance of search engines will index your site.


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