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We offer you the WoW game currency in the following Russian servers:

Borean Tundra - (Horde)

Greymane - (Horde)

Black Scar - (Horde)


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{1} After payment this product you get a unique code

{2} You write us or ICQ instant messengers

In the message, you must specify:

• unique code (received after purchase)

• Server

• Nickname

{3} Our operators will deliver the gold to you within 5-10 minutes after

payment for the goods, or at a convenient time for you

** Only in extremely rare cases, delivery takes longer

but not more than 24hour


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-Transfer Of gold is carried out only by hand (trade)

in Orgrimmar or Stormwind.

-This Is done for the safety of our customers in order to avoid

opportunity to get banned for buying gold.

• choosing us!

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-You Have the lowest price among competitors!

-Vezhlivye Operators are always able to help you and answer

any questions about our products

-We Deliver the gold in a very short period of time

-Just Working with us and following the instructions of the operator

you will never get banned for buying gold
Please! Leave your comment after purchase


Blizzex - We thank you for every purchase!


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