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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$100 the discount is 1%
$200 the discount is 2%
$300 the discount is 3%
$400 the discount is 4%
$500 the discount is 5%
Important information:

• Attention !!! For servers Gordunni Horde Soulflayer Alliance, The Pirate Bay Alliance, Howling Fjord Alliance, you will receive a 15% Gold smaller than specified in the order. For Goldrinn (Horde / Alliance) by 30%.


• Fast delivery.

• Only RU server.


• For gold contact us via any contact specified in the profile, and specify the following information:

The server / faction (Horde / Alliance) / Nick character in the game / number of gold (Optional) / code (16znachny received the final payment page).

• Delivery time varies from 5 minutes to 48 hours after telling us all the necessary information. Normally, delivery time is less than 10 minutes after contacting us.

• The method of delivery is made at the discretion of the operator with the consent of the customer: through the auction, exchange or mail.

• Attention !!! If your character on one of the servers in the list (Gordunni Horde Soulflayer Alliance, The Pirate Bay Alliance, Howling Fjord Alliance), it is likely to get the gold you need to put a lot (any unnecessary thing) at a neutral auction (Pribambaske, Tanaris) with the duration of the lot 48 hours (neutral auction commission will make up 15%) and provide us with the exact name of things.


• All gold produced by our suppliers honestly.

• You buy wow gold, violating an agreement with the BLIZZARD. We are not responsible for the consequences, but at the same time doing everything possible to avoid them.


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