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A clone of the game OGame.

Work on this script is conducted over three years and has done a lot:

1. For the past six months, was not observed cases of cheating resources / fleet / defense, etc., which means that the script does not have bugs, holes.

2. Added a lot of interesting additions.

3. This is the original script of the most popular game server OGame in Belarus.

4. Accept payments with electronic wallets.

Here is a small (not all) a list of all the changes:

* ADD: Ticket system.

* ADD: Quests.

* FIX: A doubling of the fleet.

* FIX: Filter prohibited characters in the names of the planets.

* FIX: A doubling of resources.

* MOD: The new combat system in the SAB + you can invite yourself.

* MOD: Minor visual design.

* MOD: The holidays can go no earlier than 3 days since its release.

* ADD: Download Avatar.

* ADD: User page.

* ADD: Protecting newbies when specifying Destroy (up to 1 mln.).

* FIX: Optimization of the engine.

* FIX: Password recovery.

* FIX: Skorostrel moons.

* FIX: Hold on moons.

* FIX: Time synchronization servers.

* FIX: Update of resources and structures in the espionage.

* FIX: Improved antinakrutki fleets.

* MOD: Added "Help on the game."

* MOD: Added "Tutorial on the game."

* ADD: Message after registration.

* ADD: Added IRC-Client.

* ADD: Total registraitsya in the game and on the forum.

* ADD: Cash Alliance.

* ADD: Diplomacy Alliances.

* MOD: Changed the main page registration form.

* MOD: Optimization Server.

* MOD: Change the appearance of the display line of buildings.

* FIX: Return of the fleet on the planet, if the moon was destroyed.

* FIX: Charge TM 50 per referral.

* FIX: Fixed a combat system.

* FIX: Fixed system attacks the MNR.

* FIX: Fixes investigations, a shopping and buildings markets.

* FIX: You can no longer send spies, if the planet is not enough deuterium.

* FIX: You can no longer post processors, or spy, if the size of the tank is not enough for the trip.

* ADD: Games unit Real.

* ADD: Black Market.

* ADD: Destroyer.

* ADD: Banner for forums.

* ADD: Invitation referrals

* MOD: Optimization Server.

* FIX: Buildings.

* ADD: Hold (common defense).

* ADD: Engineering trader.

* ADD: Aero trader.

* ADD: Security trader.

* ADD: Scientific trader.

* ADD: Wanderer (teleport planets).

* ADD: metallurgical technology.

* ADD: Kristalizatsionnaya technology.

* ADD: hydrogen technology.

* ADD: Display of the number of resource extraction on the picture when you move the resource.

* ADD: Display of the characteristics of the fleet and defense with the current technology.

* ADD: antimat chatting.

* FIX: Optimized game server to reduce the lag.

* MOD: Updated design + chat feature "Nick answered."

* MOD: Fully updated design of the game (skin readme-by).

* ADD: SAB (Joint Attack).

* ADD: Display the amount of energy required in the construction of the building.

* ADD: CAPTCHA on the login page.

* ADD: Merchant of dark matter.

* ADD: The choice of skins.

* FIX: Posts Alliance.

* FIX: Expeditionary technology.

* FIX: Vulnerability in the game.

* FIX: Bug in the chat Alliance.

* FIX: Destroyer Officer.

* MOD: Redesigned Market.

* MOD: Page Technology shows: (your level of technology / required level).

* MOD: The "Remember Me".

* MOD: Automatically remove messages older than 7 days.

* MOD: Redirect page after sending the fleet.

* MOD: On Messages new section Messages from the Administrator.

* FIX: Calculation field for the moon and planets.

* FIX: The mission of the expedition.

* FIX: MIS is now summarizes the level of research laboratories.

* FIX: Removed vulnerability in construction.

* FIX: Removed the vulnerability of the Alliance.

* FIX: Updates Resource players at espionage and attacks.

* DEL: SAB (needs work).

* ADD: PSB (defense in fragments).

* ADD: Skorostrel.

* FIX: Redesigned officer Spy.

* FIX: Redesigned officer Commander.

* FIX: Redesigned general officer.

* ADD: Works SAB.

* FIX: Officer Killer - Stora possible new ship Supernova.

* FIX: Officer Bunker now planetary protection (neutron dome) works as expected.

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