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You do not have enough time to monotonous farming WoW Gold?

Are you tired of hours combing the same location in the search for resources?

The daily night raids exhausting you, and hinder the work?

Then you have got the right place!

Gold Bank not only sells wow gold. We save your time!

For You World of Warcraft - it's a game. For us - this job! Trust the professionals, and every hour of your game will be fun!

Here you can buy wow Gold at affordable prices in RuNet. Always available wow money on different servers for any Russian faction.

SHIPPING !!! !!! 5 minutes

Delivery Method: Hand in Hand in Stormwind \\ Orgrimmar in the bank building.

Gold pass small parts in exchange transfer any unnecessary items.

You need to tell the operator: a unique code (16 characters), a nickname, a server and a fraction.

At the time of receipt of the gold you need to be online to play.


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