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Crib. Questions for the State interdisciplinary examination economist (banking). The archive (zip) 6 doc files. View spur is suitable for print, cut, trim bringing the exam.

QUESTION 1. The financial system of the Russian Federation. General characteristics of the units and areas of financial relations.

Question 2. The budget, the budget system and the principles of the budgetary system in the Russian Federation.

QUESTION 3. The budget classification of revenue. Fixed income and regulators.

QUESTION 4. The budget classification of expenditure, its types and the relationship between them.

QUESTION 5. The budget deficit, its causes, methods of assessment and socio-economic impacts

QUESTION 6. Intergovernmental relations and ways of their implementation.

The concept and principles of fiscal federalism.

QUESTION 7. The budget process, its essence and the stage.

QUESTION 8. Extra-budgetary social funds.

QUESTION 9. Extra-economic foundations.

QUESTION 10. State loan, its essence and form.

Question 11. The classification of the Russian Federation government loans.

QUESTION 12. Financial Control, its essence and form.

Financial supervision and its functions

Question 14. Specifics of Finance commercial organizations of various organizational and legal forms.

Question 16. Classification and composition of the cost of production and sales companies

Question 17. Revenues from sales of products: methods of calculation factors influence planning.

Question 18. Formation and distribution of financial results of the company:

Question 19. plant and equipment companies: assessment, reassessment, depreciation, financing sources of reproduction, utilization rates.

Question 20. Intangible assets as part of the property of enterprises: evaluation, depreciation, efficiency.

Question 21. Current assets p / n: composition, circulation, sources of formation, utilization rates

Question 22. The financial and economic aspects of small business support

Question 23. Financial p / p and diagnostics of bankruptcy.

Question № 24. The effect of financial leverage (1 concept).

Rational borrowing policy.

Question 25. The effect of operating leverage (2 concept). Financial risk.

Question № 26. The effect of operating leverage. Enterprise risk.

Question 27. Elements of the operational analysis.

The threshold of profitability and financial strength of the company stock.

Question № 28. Estimation of the overall risk associated with the company. Determination of net income per share in the period ahead.

Question № 29. The rational structure of sources of funds of the company. Threshold NREI.

Question 30. The dividend policy and the policy of Prospect Island.

Question 32. Management of current assets and current liabilities of the enterprise.

Question 33. The financial management strategy - basic directions of the decision-making.

Question 34. The assortment and pricing policy. Supply and demand, elasticity of demand. Types of markets. Types of prices.

Question № 36. Investment analysis. The weighted average cost of capital (SSC). The net present value of the project (NPV). The internal rate of return on projects.

Question № 38. The contradiction between profitability and liquidity.

Ways of combining the dynamic development and high solvency.

Question 45 the form of loans: commercial and bank credit. COMPARATIVE CHARACTERISTICS

Question 46. Principles and methods of bank lending. Classification of bank loans. PRINCIPLES

Question 47. The Central Bank of Russia: functions, operations, PRINCIPLES OF MONETARY POLICY

Question 49. The liquidity of commercial banks. BANKING RISKS AND MANAGEMENT.

50. ORGANIZATION AND PROCEDURE bank lending. CREDITWORTHINESS borrowers and methods of its determination. Forms and types of security for the repayment of bank loans.


Question 52. The economic category
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