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Bobych.Ru helps graduates of Russian schools to take their final exams for the fourth year - because we are against such torture!

The most convenient and familiar format - a cheat sheet in Word - just print out and cut into narrow spur comfortable !!

The cheat sheet contains essays on each of the 60 packets 2005 which may fall on the day of the exam scam!

Griboyedov, Pushkin, Mayakovsky ... - precisely those authors, which you have to read! No Solzhenitsyn or Sholokhov. You will understand what to write in the spur EVEN IF YOU ALL PROBUHALI literature lessons at 10-11 classes !!!
Caution The archive is being sold only 60 essays on topics 1 and 2 (one per package). For additional 60 works (FREE) to the final examination to write on BOBYCH@BOBYCH.SPB.RU showing your WMID, from which the payment was made in the store Plati.Ru

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS - knocking on the ICQ 613170


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