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Two (!) Full cribs, includes a complete set of 20 sets of works prepared in accordance with the approved packages for 2005.

Choose one yourself and others give the best friend!

Each crib in one essay on each packet so (included in the package goods) + list of packages of works, in order for you to make sure that each of cribs 100% obezapasit you from failure at the exam

The zip-file (750 KB)

1. Shpargalka1.doc - 60 works as a handy cheat sheet

2. Shpargalka2.doc - 60 works as a handy cheat sheet

3. komplekty.doc - a list of the works packages for the written exam in literature for a course of secondary (full) school in the 2005 school year

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Crib is very convenient - all the works are already finished shpargalnom format, made in the form of file Word (Down-protected formats!)

one touch, you can print complete miniature cribs, you will only work with scissors


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