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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$10 the discount is 10%
Crib №1 = 60 different works on the third type!

An electronic version of cribs that were only sold on CD.


PRINT cribs absolutely on any printer!

The cribs exactly 60 essays, sorted in order of the package!

In one excellent essay on each package in order (third theme)!

Subject associated with the work of the writer of the nineteenth century (the author and the product


Absolutely all works written specifically for experienced linguists in May 2005.

The volume of essays 6-8 exercise book pages. Quality works with the unmistakable cheating provide

a perfect score on the exam.

Crib very convenient because all the works are already finished shpargalnom format

one touch, you can print 20 A4 pages (3 works per page).

Cutting the black lines on the page you will receive 60 works, by the numbers of numbered packets.

At the exam room after the announcement of the package you can easily counted in Cormany desired number and we'll get

ready to work on the 5th theme from the drop-you package.

For any questions please contact support.
Operation with the cheat sheet:

1. Download ZIP-archive and unpack it in its entirety in any directory (folder). The archive itself, save in any case in a safe place.

2. Run the AutoRun.exe (do not delete or move any files in that folder). Launched a special envelope, read the agreement carefully, and you can break to work.

3. You can view (read) writings. + Or - to navigate through pages, scrolling your mouse while holding down the left button on writing will increase or decrease the image composition.

4. You can print a crib ready by clicking on the icon with the printer. To do this, you need to have installed, connected and configured printer. Printing is possible on the physical (real) printers, we recommend using a laser printer. You can print selected pages or the entire crib entirely.

5. All other activities with a crib for safety purposes is prohibited.


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