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"... When we turn to God for help, and at the same time being all wish that this aid did not come to the path of temptation is not closed in front of us; when, like St. Augustine, we say: "Give me chastity, but not yet now"; mouth when we ask God´s help and the heart we remain alien to him; when we want good and at the same time being all we hope that will have time to do good sometime later - everything It affirms not only our internal separateness, all this - a prayer that not only addressed to God, but turned to the prince of this world and saying, "Come help me, support me in the way of evil." I think we should realize it is much more clearly than we do, because it is true; and very often we could turn to God with the words: "Lord, have mercy!" is much more openly and honestly, if aware of how often we turn to the enemy and ask for his help! I would like to give you an example of life in which there can be a fun side - but at the same time ... so tragic. "

Metropolitan Anthony Bloom
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