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This solitaire has appeared for a long time, and few people know exactly when he was

coined. But definitely we can say that more than a century has passed since


He was very popular due to its exciting, and that

most importantly - its ability to accurately predict the future.

The cards were very expensive, so they are available to only the most notable people.

Pictures for this solitaire write better court artists and their

content inventing royal magicians.

Each deck of cards was unique both in its decoration,

and content, but most of the characters remain unchanged and preserved

its meaning until now.

This solitaire has been created under the leadership of the fortune-teller, sorcerer who breathed in

He his magic magic power.

Each character was painted by the artist in her desires, and in the spirit of modern

time. Furthermore, it was added 8 additional symbols for further

the accuracy of divination. Therefore, this Solitaire - a unique and accurate.


The rules are simple - you need to spread out on the table cards in 4 rows of 6 pieces.

On the four sides of each card is marked half figures. Each card

You can rotate. When the cards are laid on the table completely, it is necessary

look closely - whether next to any map card that

there is a second half of the figure.

Each figure - a symbol that means something. The value is written

next to each picture.

If both halves of the pattern match, then you dropped this symbol. If

To coincided second symbol have a first break means

you have a choice - you have the opportunity to change their destiny - a

the character you choose - so be it.

All characters are linked, so if a few drops of characters, the interpretation

divination becomes more accurate. And adding just a single character can be fully

change the meaning of divination.

For example, if a man fell out and pause - can be interpreted that in your case you

hurt the man. If thus, for example, it appears bed - then he has turned

You will head its charm, which is why your business may be suspended. And here,

For example, if the tears fall out instead of a bed, then this is your enemy, which will be

in every way interfere with your efforts. But if it falls to the flag - it means you win

in this struggle, and as a result all goes well.

Ability deep interpretations will come to you eventually. In general, practice, and

become professional magicians!

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