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I think from the time I made this database is no longer a secret that the Trust is the base for AllSubmitter, why and how to use it. About me once again remind you: who has the trust database knows that score in hand all the data in the registration of many great work, so I decided to make it easier for many people (especially those who have Allsubmitter) this difficult and laborious work. The program will allow you to quickly register their links to sites on semiautomatic, which is very convenient compared to the same trust existing databases on the Internet.

In this update, I have decided to share the latest database on two separate database for Allsubmitter trust and sell them individually. So you are now to decide what is best to buy the base.

First base TrastBase for AllSubmitter v.3.0 contains a database "link directly to your profile", which have been removed are not high-quality sites and add new sites that have a high Tietz and directories are DMOZ and Yandex.

This base has simplified the complexity of registration, ie you need to open the site, check out the empty fields (where one of the fields will be filled in the field "Your Website") and click the "Register" and then confirm your registration by e-mail. That's all.

Also attached to the base of detailed instructions with illustrations that discard many of the questions and you will be able to proceed with the registration immediately after reading it.

In this update, I decided to finish in the next update the second base, where the complexity of the registration of more complicated and requires more time.

Recommendations and questions can be added to the comments below.

For more information about the database:

Basis AllSubmitter v.5.h, v.7.x.

Last updated 29.03.2012.

At the moment, the base consists of 200 sites with high trust TIC and PR, more than 60% are in the UC or DMOZ.

Sites in the UC - 161.

Sites in the DMOZ - 125.

The base is sorted into one category of complexity of registration:

1. Leave a link directly to your profile: 200

Tietz 0-50: 13

50-100 Tits: 28

100-250 Tits: 47

250-500 Tits: 47

Tietz 500-10
You can also view the code base on the official website

Each link in the database leads to the registration page.

Sites do not require reciprocal links.

Links are free of charge.

Significant growth of TIC is observed for an average of two updates Yandex.

For the first AP TIC is growing at about 10 points (not all have time to index the links), for the second AP 20-30 points.

The initial price of 10 copies of the database will be 400 rubles.

The first three have bought my base selling it for 300 rubles. Next, the base will be added and new sites will become more expensive.

Those who leave positive feedback for the next two receive free updates on this well to save. Do not write a short review, and try to describe what you like, because it will help others not to make a mistake in their choice.

Updates will try to spread in 1-2 months. I will remove inefficient and add new sites.

Update Notifications base and the upgrades will be sent to e-mail, which you specify when purchasing.

For the first three copies write to the PM.


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