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Platform: PC
Activation: Origin
Regional restrictions: Region Free

To access content additions, you must have installed a licensed version of the game Battlefield 3 !!

CAUTION The key can not be activated on Steam.


Close Quartes - Battlefield 3 new addition to team play in a melee. Fascinating battle infantry reinforced unprecedented destruction in high resolution, new features of the game, new weapons and a test of endurance.

Key features
- Participate in the hot battles without the use of technology on 4 new maps.
- Experience HD-system damage, which allows the environment to draw in ruins.
- Perform 10 new jobs and get 5 unique medallions.
- Use 10 new types of weapons that can be obtained and used in the original game, including:

1 AUG assault rifle
2 SCAR Assault Rifle
3 Carbine ACW-R
4 Carbine MTAR-21
5 Sniper Rifle M417
6 Sniper Rifle JNG-90
7 gun L86LSW
8 gun LSAT
9 submachine gun M5K
10 SPAS-12 ShotgundeliveryThis product is distributed via digital distribution, is a only a pin code and contains no packaging and boxes. </ Delivery>

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when registering on the website of EA. If you have not registered on this site, create a new account.
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