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Little rhymes for more money !!! Loan Calculator - A quick calculation of the loan with a detailed layout for several years!

Program Loan Calculator Universal

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Do you want to take a loan?

But you do not know whether you will give it to the bank?

You probably had to consult the bank for a loan? Clever consultants girls (boys) they ask you about the salary, loan term, say something on the computer, and then you politely say: "I'm sorry, NO CREDIT'S!" or "YES! You receive the CREDIT!".

In any case, you are wasting your precious time!

I suggest you do not go out for a few minutes HOMES estimate hundreds of options (!!!) on the loan!

Credit calculator will calculate you the amount and term of the loan. You enter only 5 parameters and the calculator in 1.5 seconds build all the necessary indicators + more (!!!) layout for several years (up to 30 !!!) c printing on a printer! This technology is used by all agents in the calculation of bank credit.

This loan calculator is universal. This means that you can use it anywhere you use the formula of lending with uniform (annuity) repayment.

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