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Nogina OA Control over the activities of state extra-budgetary social funds: Diss. ... Cand. jurid. Sciences. - M .: Research Institute of Law and Order of the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, 1998. - 241 p.



CHAPTER 1. the legal status of state extra-budgetary social funds

1.1. The concept of the social state non-budgetary funds and the main features of their legal status

1.2. Administrative and legal status of the state extra-budgetary social funds

1.3. The main elements of the legal status of civil government budgetary social funds

CHAPTER 2 Supervision and oversight of the state extra-budgetary social funds

2.1. Concept and types of controls

2.2. The object, the subject and the main directions of control

2.3. The methods and procedures for control activities

2.4. Control bodies and their powers

2.5. Supervision and supervisors





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Thesis can be downloaded here http://lawdiss.narod.ru/files/3068.rar

The file contains the full text of the thesis in the archive WinRAR. After payment You get the password from the archive.


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