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Total Control - a program manager for strategic games.

The exact list of supported games and social networks to specify the site.

Subscription allows you to use the Total Control functionality with no restrictions on the period and the number of accounts listed in the name of the subscription.

Subscription is activated once and in a single match! Reactivation is impossible. If the vehicle at the time of activation of the number of accounts is less than or equal to the nominal count of subscription accounts - the face value will be credited to all accounts, but it will not be possible to reactivate the missing accounts, if any (ie you purchased your subscription at 5 accounts in base 3 - face credited to them all but 2 denomination "burn" - re-enroll them will not be).

If accounts more - will have to pick your jackdaws.

After the purchase of the code can be obtained immediately, returning to the page of the seller.

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