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Trunk with games - a collection of 24 desktop mini-games. Automatically picks labels games installed with Windows.Takzhe you can add shortcuts to other games on your computer.
The kit includes the following games:

Cell line - Puzzle game. The original version of the beloved game of Accountants.

Branch - a logic game.

Destroyer blocks - the complex puzzle game.

The cylinder - a logic game. Created on the basis of serialized once toys.

Tsvetris - complexity; a kind of Tetris ("color" Tetris).

War of Flowers - The game of checkers level Chapaev.

Kopeck piece - an interesting kind of tetris. The objective of the game is to destroy the fixed squares.

Farmer Wolf - Uncomplicated child's play, the child develops a reaction.

Fox Hunting - Puzzle game. You must find a fox hidden on the playing field in the least amount of moves.

Solitaire "Innichen" - You must collect cards by suit in the middle column.

Inversion - Puzzle. It should, by clicking the mouse over the squares to fill the entire field of one color.

Solitaire "Solitaire Joker" - Reminds Solitaire "Klondike", but the rules are slightly different.

Line - Logical. Favorite game Accountants. Just a classic of the genre.

Mosaic - A puzzle game for everyone from young to old.

Solitaire "Paramon" - Simple solitaire average convergence.

Python - Arcade. This game came with the first computers, but to play it is still interesting.

Reversi - a logic game. It is necessary to take as many cell field balls of the same color.

Solitaire "Rocco 11" - Simple solitaire good convergence.

Su-Do-Ku - Japanese puzzle.

Fifteen - Logical. Well-known to all from childhood game.

Tetri tsvetris - Option well known game Tetris.

Tetris clone - Average Tetris. However, as with any program, there are a highlight.

Solitaire "Trinnik" - Very interesting solitaire average convergence.

Ksoniks - Arcade. An interesting dynamic game.


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