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Dobrynin LY The main problems of the bill of law in Russia at the present stage: Diss. ... Cand. jurid. Sciences. - Yekaterinburg: Ural State Law Academy, 1997. - 205 p.



CHAPTER I. GENERAL PROVISIONS bills and exchange law

§ 1. The emergence and development stages of the bill. Types of bills of exchange in the international practice. Formation and development of the bill of law in Russia

§ 2. Concept, characteristics and types of bills

§ 3. Economic and legal nature of the bill

§ 4. Functions of bills

§ 5. Exchange law: concept, subject, particularly. Problems of improving the bill law. The concept of the bill legal capacity

CHAPTER II. Civil-law regulation of circulation of bills

§ 1. The procedure for issuance of bills: the conditions and legal features

§ 2. The transfer of the bill. Endorsement

§ 3. Acceptance and Aval (bill guarantee)

§ 4. The payment of a bill. Termination of bill obligations

§ 5. The appeal and the claim on the bill. Bills process


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