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This project is to integrate the debt for electricity, you can use if you need a software project ready to write a thesis (course) with similar themes:

- Development of a program of debt accounting for electricity;

- The development of applications for the registration of debt for electricity;

- Development of a database account receivable for electricity;

- Development of a database account receivable for electricity.

The database records the debt for electricity intended for the account debtor for the light using an application program written in Delphi 7 using ADO to access data from the database.

The program consists of one table, which indicates the following information:

- Company name;

- Address of the company;

- Phone number of the debtor;

- Fixing the date of the debt;

- Current price per 1Kvatt;

- Number of kW to pay;

- The amount of debt for electricity.

The functionality of the program it is possible to create a filter on all fields, except for the price of 1Kvatt and generate a report on selected records. Also, you can make additional settings for the price specified for 1Kvatt, set the transparency of the user interface and do the sorting for the selected field.
After payment you will get the file with the following contents:

- Source code in Delphi 7;

- Bonus in the form of an explanatory note, which can be used to write any work.

Previously, before buying can download the exe version of the program: (# 8)


07.05.2016 10:48:16
спасибо за проект) пригодиться для практики:)
28.11.2014 14:07:31
Отлично просто отлично!!! То что нужно:))) Спасибо вам, за то что вы есть