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►If you are from Asian country (China) or Russia, you need VPN (Europe, USA) to login and use Amazon account (Prime gaming)
►如果您来自亚洲国家(中国)以进入和使用您的亚马逊帐户(主要游戏),您需要一个 vpn(欽洴
►How to use the data? You will have access to login data (format - mail:password). Link for authorization by mail -
►Prime status will work from 1 to 7 days from the date of purchase.
►Our store guarantees you reliability!
►Please do not immediately leave a negative review if you have problems with your account. Write to us in PM - (private messages) and we will help you with your problem)
►If suddenly you come across an invalid account, describe your problem and provide evidence and you will receive your replacement in the near future. All our accounts are checked before sale, the chance that you will come across an invalid account is extremely small. Recently, cases of fraud on the part of buyers have become more frequent, so we ask all our buyers to record videos from the moment of purchase to the moment of activation of our product. The video must not contain any cuts, cuts, or interruptions. Video is your GUARANTEES./attentionОПИСАНИЕ ТОВАРА
-После оплаты товара, Вы МГНОВЕННО получите AMAZON аккаунт Для любой игры !!!

Внимание!!! Аккаунт в среднем работает до 7 дней , используйте все бонусы сразу!!

Гарантия на момент продажи, после покупки аккаунт под вашей ответственностью.
В случае невалида аккаунта делается замена аккаунта в течении 12 часов, возврат не предусмотрен

💎How to collect gifts for PUBG: Battlegrounds?💎
►Use incognito mode in the browser (Ctrl+Shift+N in the browser)! This is necessary so that there are no problems later.
►Go to Amazon authorization using this link - and log in using the purchased data.
►If Amazon shows an error that such mail does not exist, then check if you copied the mail and password correctly (You must copy the mail and password without spaces)
►If you are logged in to, then follow this link -
► Login there to your Krafton account and link the purchased amazon account to your PUBG ( Krafton) game account


09.08.2022 0:17:00
all good
08.08.2022 19:30:56
Дёшево, все забрал отвязал аккаунты!
06.08.2022 14:29:22
01.08.2022 0:02:11
зачислили быстро. спасибо
31.07.2022 23:35:08
Практически моментально пришло начисление
31.07.2022 22:53:20
Пришло, продавец быстро помог
31.07.2022 22:34:19
Пришло, спасибо.
31.07.2022 22:08:35
не пришли
31.07.2022 21:30:45
Все отлично, товаром доволен
31.07.2022 20:36:16
Все отлично