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ISBN 9985-78-824-9 E-book format Microsoft Reader (* .lit). To read the book you need to download free software from the developer

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The book is a practical guide on the use of magic in the casinos and contains a description of magic practices and techniques, as well as a list of specific actions to enable the casino to change the situation in favor of the player and give him the opportunity to receive significant gains. It is designed for players who have already realized, or are beginning to realize the futility of trying to beat the casino with the help of luck and compiled on the basis of long personal experience of the author.

Contents of a book


1. Start the way

2. A little about Toltec magic about it if you have not heard anything

3. Some aspects of magic in the way of its use in the casino

4. For beginners luck or question the existing energy

5. Accumulation, preservation and energy recovery

6. During the preparation and the time of great achievements

7. Allow the power to behave

8. Using the key link

9. Simulation of the future

10. The choice of partner

11. Use of dreams

12. Magical Defense Casino

13. Applications

13.1. Magical Passes

13.2. Technique redirect energy flows.

13.3. For more magical practices.

13.4. Equipment auto-suggestion

13.5. Terms of the major casino games with some remarks.

13.6. Tips and tricks

14. Caution.


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