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About the game:

As a retelling of the history of formation of the person of Dante, arranged on contemporary reality, DmC Devil May Cry ™ retains a stylish setting, flexible combat and self-assured protagonist that have been defining features of this cult series of games, as well as brought fraction of gloom and cruelty.

Dante in DmC - boy, do not recognize the authority of others, and the whole of society as a whole. Dante knows that he is not a man, but not one of the evil spirits that tormented him throughout his life. Sandwiched between worlds, he feels like an outcast.

Thanks to its twin brother Vergil, leader of the opposition group "The Order", Dante knows what it means to be the offspring of the devil and an angel. This dual personality significantly affects the game mechanics, giving Dante the opportunity to enjoy the ability of both parties at any time, on the fly reincarnated blade rebels fight me as well as movement.

Key features:

- Survive in Limbo - Limbo city is a living being, eager to kill Dante. The world is changing right before our eyes and try to hinder or even destroy Dante. Our hero will have to master the demonic forces in order to change the world of Limbo to your liking, with the angelic honing skills to get ahead in this hostile environment iskruchennoy.

- Who is Dante? - Investigate the history of personality in a new retelling of Dante, immersed in a fascinating plot, where there was a place as an entirely new characters and old friends, such as Vergil, Dante´s twin brother.

- Uncontrolled action - Intense and became a legendary battle with the combination of weapons and firearms and the return will be increased angelic and demonic powers and varieties of weapons, created with the sole purpose to drive all evil back to hell with a special cynicism and panache.

- Fidelity origins of Devil May Cry - employees Capcom, including those who worked on previous games of the series Devil May Cry, were connected to the project from the very initial stages to make a worthy successor of the franchise DmC Devil May Cry.

- Unmatched cost of production - studio Ninja Theory used the latest advances in capture technology acting to achieve the level of study of characters, storytelling and cinematics that wonderfully complement the upscale warhead DmC.
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