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McPixel - is a fun point-and-click adventure game made in the style of large-pixel, which awaits a hundred levels, multiple endings, and 20 seconds to complete each level, but rather to make a decision.

Depending on the chosen solution for 20 seconds depend subsequent events in the game. Can you discover the "best" ending ?!
McPixel - a fun game in the genre point´n´click adventure. It´s like if you have an old game from Lucas Arts, have put them in a blender and add to them a few shovels of gunpowder and roketnogo fuel.
The game has 100 levels and the passage of 20 seconds each. If you make the wrong decision - the level explodes and you start the next one, so it goes until you pass game. Party contain 6 levels which repeat in a circle, as the passage of 100 consecutive levels Crazy testers.
Levels in MakPiksele very diverse. Deserted island, alien spaceship, star death, school, train, plane, stadium, drainage, lighthouse. Well, just a lot of things! And it all blows up in the end ... Well, if you do something!
And do not think that the solution is obvious! McPixel still point´n´click adventure game! Only without any dialogues, monologues and other text. Once the chat when you have only 20 fucking seconds! So instead make unnecessary conversation MakPiksel just kicks in the balls!
Thank you for your positive feedback!

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