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Localization: Russian subtitles

Regional restrictions: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries

Age restrictions: For children over 16 years

Activation: Steam

= Description =

Magrunner: Dark Pulse will test your reaction and speed of decision-making. You have to go into the future, created with the help of technology Unreal Engine 3. In the future, where human civilization will face the nightmare called Cthulhu generated imagination of the famous writer HP Lovecraft.

Events Magrunner occur in 2050. This will take you into the heart of space training camp "Magteh" corporation "Gruketsbera." Here you will find the test of reflexes and mind. Magnetizes the red and green objects using the "Techno gloves." The objects of the same color are drawn, different - repel. In the seemingly simple mechanics lie endless possibilities. Understand them and be able to move forward. Solve puzzles and explore the world around, explore and analyze the results. And very soon you realize that training camp rather hides dark secrets ...

= Features =

• Magrunner: Dark Pulse - first-person game. Its main character - smart and talented young man, who, among others, have chosen to participate in the training program "Magteh." With the help of "Techno mittens" he is able to magnetize objects green or red charges.

• «The objects of the same color are drawn, different - repel." With this simple mechanic, move forward through the levels by solving various puzzles.

• Find a way out of each room, interacting with the objects around you - experiment to rely on agility and reflexes.

• As we move forward the puzzle will become more complex and diverse.

• In the journey you will be accompanied by a robot dog Newton. His help is invaluable when you need rechargeable mobile object. Attach Newton to any flat surface in the right place, and see what happens.

= Additional information =

To activate the game you need an internet connection and an account on Steam.

\u003cdelivery\u003e After payment system will automatically send the activation key in the form of pictures or text to the specified email address. Delivery of the disc or other related materials are not included in the price and, if necessary, separately. \u003c/delivery\u003e

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