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Genre: Shooter

Developer: Irrational Games

Publisher: 2K Games

Cooperative play without a network: 1 player

Language: English

Size: 6,49 GB


1912. The United States has made world domination, and the floating city of Columbia, opened with great fanfare by the jubilation enthusiastic audience, was the majestic symbol of American ideals. However, a promising venture soon turned into a disaster: for some unknown reason the city suddenly disappeared in transcendental distances. The greatest achievement of America´s vanished without a trace ...

In this full mysteries of history the main role is played by former Pinkerton detective Booker DeWitt. He was sent to Colombia in order to find and release some of Elizabeth, for which the city of the future began to fly prison in childhood. Detective will establish a relationship with the girl, to the full extent of its use and its unusual ability - because out of Colombia, which loses every second height (and therefore its collapse - only a matter of time), they get only two.

- Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of bright original world in the style of American industrialism, embodied on the Unreal Engine 3.

- Solving puzzles disclosure sinister mysteries and fighting for his life in a dizzying battles in the sky - stay in Colombia are neither boring nor monotonous.

- Use at its discretion set of weapons and abilities rather nontrivial characters.

- In a hostile world of the celestial Elizabeth will be your faithful companion. And let her actions controls the game for you, it is sure to become a real, live person.

- Love the ordeal and that "everything as a truly"? So, you just addressed mode increased realism - "1999". Take the challenge developers - and you have to carefully weigh the "pros" and "cons" before making any decision. How should think over the line of the hero - remember that the possibility of his resurrection is limited, and any misstep could lead to a sudden end the game.
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21.06.2021 0:27:30
Замечательный продавец!
Всем рекомендую, покупайте - не пожалеете!
Отвечает на ваши вопросы очень быстро.
07.07.2018 0:17:36
Всё работает. Продавец молодец. С профилем помог , сразу отреагировал на сообщения. Рекомендую.
18.07.2014 15:41:02
супер!! Спасибо продавцу! все у него покупайте!