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Genre: Action & Adventure

Developer: Ubisoft

Publisher: Ubisoft

Cooperative play without a network: 1 player

Extras: There is support for 3D

Russian language

Size: 7,63 GB


1775. Colonial America. The brave young warrior fights to defend their homeland. But what should have been a struggle for territory turns into an incredible journey, at the end of which the hero become a master assassin and forever change the fate of an entire nation.

You play as Connor - the son of the British and Indian. When a colony on the verge of revolution, the young warrior dedicated himself to the struggle for freedom. He wanted to be a spark that kindled the flames, and, drawn by this end, he set out on his journey. His path runs through the blood-drenched battlefields and streets filled with people, the untouched corners of pristine nature, in the places where no man has gone before. You do not have to be a spectator of history - you will do it with their own hands.

Find yourself in the midst of a bloody revolution in world history, will see the new round of fighting between the Order of the Assassins and their eternal enemies - the Templars. There is a deadly arsenal of techniques, to significantly expand over the years, and all around you - a stunningly realistic world, awakened to life through technology Anvil Next.

Behold a new chapter of the saga Assassin´s Creed.


- Heroes are born

Connor - the assassin-Blood - in battle relies on the innate instincts, as well as an arsenal of weapons, which tamagavki and darts coexist with guns and other lethal devices submitted era.

- The spark will kindle a flame

Become a master assassin and join the eternal confrontation between the Assassins and Templars, flushed with renewed vigor against the backdrop of a bloody revolution. You have to go all the way from Lexington to Bunker Hill and personally meet with such legendary people like George Washington or Benjamin Franklin.

- Pushing the limits

Pursue the enemy, paving the way through the streets of cities and battlefields to the far frontier of America.

- New technologies

Assassin´s Creed III - the debut of the newest engine Anvil Next, created specifically for this game. The revolution in physics and animation, as well as the painstaking recreation of weather effects will raise the level of realism to an unattainable height above, while the battle will be more dynamic and fiercely, thanks to the updated combat system.

- Network Brotherhood

Already proven repeatedly improved multiplayer returns - with new characters, maps and modes.


GIFT will be additions to the game Assassin´s Creed III:

1) Set "Hidden Secrets"

2) Disgrace

3) Betrayal

4) Disposal

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19.07.2020 20:40:38
Продавец отличный, помог в моем непонимании, все оказалось очень просто и легко 5 изи 5
20.09.2018 18:24:24
все норм
21.04.2018 15:30:46
29.10.2016 20:30:37
Отличный товар а так же вежливый и отзывчивый продавец!
Спасибо большое!
22.04.2016 20:03:57
Загрузил, спасибо, супер!!!
08.12.2015 19:00:43
Все нормально!!!Спасибо
10.03.2014 19:44:26
всё хорошо)) покупайте смело