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Genre: RPG, Shooter

Developer: Gearbox Software

Publisher: 2K Games

Cooperative play without a network: up to 2 players

Language English

Size: 5,54 GB


Continuation of the famous role-playing shooter, highly appreciated by the press and the recognition of the players.

The team with three colleagues on a network, or together with a friend in the good old split screen head to the raid on the still unexplored areas of Pandora to seek adventure on his head ....

Choose the hero as his next projectile - the tradition at your disposal a huge arsenal of weapons, ammunition and equipment, - and more! Discover new secrets of Pandora pumped character as the assignments, make friends and make enemies - become a hero of their own history in the world full of surprises Borderlands!

The new face.

Experience in a new class of fighter - shizostrel. This husky-shorty so strong that is easily controlled with any two guns at once. Want to water the enemy lead of a pair of heavy machine guns? No problems! Or maybe you like the two grenade launchers? Easily! Two snipers? In general, no question! Your tactics shizostrela plus firepower - and the enemy has no chance to survive!

Punitive detachments.

Have fun with your friends, teamed on the Internet or on a local network. Get involved in the campaign and get out of it at any time, it will not prevent your comrades to continue the adventure - the game does not require a restart. Moreover, all purchased equipment you can use in every new game!

That is still the story.

At this time, your stay in the world of Borderlands will begin with the fact that you find yourself thrown in the middle of the icy tundra death. It is necessary to find out who and why so cruelly treated you, look for the offender, and, of course, to take revenge on the first number. You will have to examine the ownership of the corporation "Hyperion" and the encounter with the villain universal scale - its director, known by the nickname Handsome Jack.

Armory shop.

The new system will allow the construction of weapons to build a truly incredible amount of money to destroy the enemy. All what you can imagine! Electricity, fire, acid, and other ingredients are at your disposal to give a fitting rebuff to the forces of "Hyperion".

The infinite set of all ...!

A unique system for creating game objects - an inexhaustible source of not just the most fantastic weapons, but also other equipment, including shields, grenades, alien artifacts ... But you never know what! And do not forget the tons of all kinds of good from the original Borderlands!

In distant lands.

Take an expedition to the unexplored areas of Pandora, which will surprise you with a variety of landscapes and scenery. You are waiting for the frosty tundra, lush, green meadows, full of dangers, and mysterious underground caves.

Interesting dating.

And as much as the inhabitants of Pandora unprecedented look forward to meeting you! Huge, something looks like a gorilla, mordoplyui (Bullymongs), ruthless predatory Crookshanks (Stalkers) and an army of mechminds "Hyperion", led by Handsome Jack - only a fraction of all the unimaginable monsters, avoid meeting with whom you would never come. But not very much and wanted! Guns for battle!


The gift will be the first part of the game Borderlands


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Честный и добрый продавец.
Однозначно 5 из 5
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Продавец очень хороший, рекомендую всем, даже если вам повезет как и мне, с ошибкой, то проблему решат мгновенно
19.04.2020 11:25:20
Возникла ошибка при входе, продавец исправил, все заработало!
11.12.2019 23:43:24
Лучший продавец с которым доводилось иметь дело, проблемы решает быстро, обратная связь тоже не заставляет ждать, все отлично
14.06.2018 19:47:51
Спасибо огромное продавцу, все прошло отлично. Быстро откликается на сообщения, помог во всех вопросах. СОВЕТУЮ.
02.12.2017 14:09:19
Все отлично!Спасибо продавцу,не обманул.Все действия по скачке описаны,за это респект!
12.11.2017 15:46:14
Спасибо за игру,цена очень одекватна, только что скачал,всё работает ,теперь от приставки не могу оторваться
27.03.2017 23:46:53
Все работает на xbox one
продавец очень отзывчавый
Все супер!
12.01.2017 18:35:48
Всё нормально, спасибо.
01.09.2015 11:35:49
Все прошло отлично, рекомендую всем брать у этого продавца!