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Genre: Shooter
Developer: 2K Marin
Publisher: 2K
Cooperative play without a network: 1 player
English language
Size: 6,40 GB

The tactical third-person shooter from the creators of BioShock 2.

1962. The height of the Cold War. The United States faced a threat equal to that the world has ever known. In order to counteract it is created Bureau - a secret organization whose purpose is not just to cope with the enemy, but also to hide its existence, in order to prevent panic. In the role of Special Agent William Carter, players will lead the team and to stand up for humanity.

Join the battle with the enemy unthinkable on the streets of America 60-ies - prevent the threat hanging over humanity.
Coordinate special operation as a professional agent William Carter - to develop plans, organize deliberate ambush, surround and neutralize the enemy.
Think over the strategy to realize all its benefits. Use Battle Focus mode - slow down time, you will be able to count each step, manage detachment and maximize the use of available tactical options.
Each bug has its price. Cherish the brothers-in-arms - the dead members of the squad will not return to duty.
Pay slips enemy to their advantage. Give orders "on the fly", instantly reacting to what is happening, - it depends on whether you outplay the enemy, whether life will save his partner.
Train team members - choose for each unique specialization, choosing precisely those skills that fit your style of play.
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