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Genre: Action & Adventure

Developer: Foundation 9

Publisher: Capcom Entertainment, Inc

Cooperative play without a network: 1 player

Language English

Size: 6,63 GB


HD-collection of Devil May Cry HD Collection offers a better version of the first three parts of the tetralogy about the adventures of everyone´s favorite sharp-tongued half-demon Dante - Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2 and Devil May Cry 3: Dante´s Awakening Special Edition.

In each of these games have to fight with the demons on behalf of one of the most popular characters of the last decade. Devil May Cry HD Collection offers a bright, thoughtful, time-tested gameplay and impeccable visual style in the most modern and seductive package: the updated high-resolution graphics, a variety of additional materials and support for networking opportunities.

Devil May Cry

The son of a mortal woman and the demon Sparda - handsome and master sword Dante debuted on the screens in 2001. Distinctive features of the project - the visual style and bright, intense battle - ensured him recognition among fans of video games and fans of action games. At the Dante you have to fight with a lot of demons, and wait for help to nowhere - just incredible ability and strength to help the hero to win the battle, the outcome of which depends as much the fate of all mankind.

Devil May Cry 2

In the sequel to Dante will enter into a confrontation with a man craving demonic forces. At this time, the hunter will come to the aid of a beautiful but dangerous warrior Lucia.

Devil May Cry 3: Dante´s Awakening Special Edition

In the third part of the adventure half-demon Dante to face with his own twin brother Virgil and once again prevent the destruction of mankind. A special version of Dante´s Awakening Special Edition includes the ability to choose Virgil as a playable character, as well as additional modes of Bloody Palace Mode and Turbo Mode.

It offers just three hero swift Lucia, calculating Virgil and, of course, a handsome Dante himself.

Enjoy the game gothic scenery and unique visual style, revised with support for high-resolution textures provided with updated and adapted for wide screens.

HD Collection for sure will please fans of the series a variety of additional materials. The best version of the classic that is bound to have on the shelf every fan.

Support for PlayStation Network and winning Xbox LIVE achievements will certainly be an excellent reason to pass the familiar game again.


Devil May Cry - one of the most popular game series of Capcom, the total circulation of copies sold around the world exceeds 10 million.

For longtime fans of the series Devil May Cry HD Collection - opportunity to re-pass the favorite games that are now available in high definition, and for novice players - a good excuse to get acquainted with the series, widely regarded as classics of the genre.

Without a doubt, a collection will brighten up the expectation of the planned 2012 release of DmC Devil May Cry - new blockbuster about the adventures of the charismatic half-demon Dante.

In all games included in the collection of awards adds support for PlayStation Network and achievements Xbox LIVE, which will be an additional incentive to go trilogy again.

Presented in Devil May Cry 3: Dante´s Awakening Special Edition additional modes and the ability to play Virgil, Dante´s twin brother and thus complete its opposite, and included in a collection of interesting information about the series - a great gift for the true fans of Devil May Cry.


As a gift you get the game Dead Rising 2 Off the Record and the addition for her "set" Burglar Games "

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