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Genre: Role Playing Game
Developer: CAPCOM CO.
Publisher: CAPCOM CO.
Cooperative play without a network: 1 player
English language
Size: 7,79 GB + 1,41 GB (HD Textures)

Dragon´s Dogma: Dark Arisen - exciting new chapter in the fantasy saga of Dragon´s Dogma from the company Capcom.

Leave behind the continent Gransys and go to the cursed island Bitterblack - there awaits you an amazing and dangerous underworld. The world inhabited by unseen creatures. World, hiding untold treasures ...

Heroes of the original Dragon´s Dogma will continue to travel and meet new challenges head-on. And even more! They prepared for a special gift - 100 thousand crystals, an inexhaustible supply of Ferrystones, as well as a set of Gransys Armour Pack, including six new costumes.

Converts the rebels will be able to go through all the trials and difficulties without exception - Dragon´s Dogma: Dark Arisen includes both the addition itself, and all the materials of the original game.

A huge underground world and more than 25 new enemies.
An additional range of skills for each class, which opens access to new opportunities.
More than a hundred new items of equipment.
14 new characters and types of pawns.
A new stage of improving equipment.
Additional adjustment character´s appearance.
The ability to choose the Japanese sound system into tinctures games.
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