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After payment you will receive a Minecraft account with an activated Premium license key and a character in the OptiFine CAPE.



Change cape

To change the design of your OptiFine raincoat, deactivate it or transfer it to a different username:

Download and install OptiFine E6 for version 1.13.2 or newer

Start Minecraft with OptiFine

Go to Settings -> Skin Settings -> OptiFine Cape -> Open Cape Editor

You will be automatically redirected to the cape editor page.
The entrance to the Optifine website also occurs through the Optifine launcher.

You can check the availability of a raincoat and a nickname on the website:

All data can be changed on the Mojang website:

Install / change the skin and download the game (launcher) on the Minecraft website:

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Minecraft is an unusual game, the world of which consists of blocks with different characteristics and textures. It combines sandbox elements with the ability to create. And here you can create whatever your heart desires from the available blocks, of which there are more than a hundred types in the game. Minecraft currently has three modes: creative, hardcore, and survival.

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Minecraft Premium:

• Premium for Minecraft gives you the ability to customize your skin (this is how the player will look in the game)

• Premium for Minecraft gives you the opportunity to play on Premium servers (there are very few of them)

• Premium for Minecraft allows you to play on MineZ servers (

• Premium is required to get the full licensed version of Minecraft (

• At death the inventory is not emptied.

• When entering the server, there is no message "Try it in 3 seconds"

• Ability to access the server even if it is full

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Immediately after payment, you will receive registration data for a licensed Minecraft account - login and password (mail: pass).

Only verified and reliable accounts are listed for sale.

You receive your personal MAIL (Yandex;;, to which your mojang account is linked.

Accounts have the ability to set your secret question, change your name, skin and password.

To complete all operations, go to

A new email has been registered for each Minecraft Premium account, which you can leave or

bind your own after the expiration of the temporary blocking by the mojang security system of your IP address - 30 or more days, you cannot change mail more often, the mojang security system also temporarily blocks it, and also when the IP address of the PC changes, We recommend leaving this letter in advance in order to secure it as much as possible (link the phone, change the secret, passwords, etc.).

Questions "when can I change mail?" Do not ask, each individually, does not depend on the seller. You are given clean, only registered mail, use it.

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The mail you want to change should not be registered at, nor at

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1. be authorized by the acquired information to our official website
2. Download the game client.
3. Play.
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