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Game 1953 - KGB Unleashed, developed by the studio Phantomery Interactive - is intense and atmospheric adventure in the first person, what is happening in the depths of the Soviet bunker during the "Cold War." Players will discover a dark and terrible secrets hidden inside the hopper, while trying to overcome his own paranoia. What kind of voices around - reality or a hallucination? Will you get to the surface and see the sunlight again, or you are hopelessly confined in a gloomy dungeon terrible captivity?

The answers can only be found in 1953 - KGB Unleashed!

1953 - KGB Unleashed is based on real experiments conducted by the Committee of State Security of the USSR. In those days, there were carried out experiments to study the limits of human endurance, the possibility of telepathy and the influence of fear on the human brain. Realistic visual style in 1953 - KGB Unleashed brings back to life the era of the Soviet Union 50: Interior underground shelter recreated thanks to real Soviet military plans and drawings and found materials based on historically authentic instruments.

Explore the secret laboratory where experiments were conducted classified. Find out the truth about the terrible events that led to the closure of the project and eliminate all those who worked on it. Everything is steeped in an atmosphere of isolation and anxiety: you have to face your fears, while an invisible "observer" communicates with you via the internal communications system. Who is he - friend or foe? During your quest, you´ll learn about the hidden possibilities of the human mind - but if you can then stay alive?

 - Secret Dungeon artifacts KGB
 - Stunning puzzles that challenge your intellect
 - Realistic atmosphere of the 1950s
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