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Distant future. X Universe is being radical and irreversible change. As the world marches in uncertainty, new enemies rise up in search of power. At the same time our heroes - the young adventurer and his companion, - meet the endless adventure. Two young men on a distinguished in battles battered spaceship collide with the universe one by one and will play a key role in future events. The fate of the galaxy in the hands of the player. X Rebirth - a revival of a series of space simulator "X". The new game is being developed for both fans of the series X, as well as for beginners who are just going to go into an endless journey through the vast, bright and full of life the world! Many game elements! Epic battles in space, more detailed mechanics of trading, high-speed space exploration with the possibility of instant travel - all this and more constitutes an absolutely unique space saga, the events that will not allow you to break away from the monitor hundreds of hours. X Rebirth brings a new gaming experience - easy for beginners, and the development of deep enough to fans of the series were satisfied!

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Region: Russia and CIS
Activation: Steam
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