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The program for solving linear programming problems graphically. Sources at Delphi with detailed comments, course work, and flowcharts.

(The program itself, you can download and try this link:

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Program Description:

The program itself reduces the problem to canonical form, and produce its graphics solution, the graph displaying direct restrictions, the area of \u200b\u200bfeasible solutions and the direction vector. The decision gives a very clear and understandable. You can disable / enable the display on the chart some elements of solutions, for example - grid or shading SDT well, etc. You can also scale the graph, making the study of solving the problem is even more intuitive and user-friendly.

After solving the problem, you can see and explore relevant theory that is built into the program itself! One need only click the "theory".

The content of the archive:

1) The program (exe-file);

2) source code on Delphi with detailed comments;

3) Term paper (38 sheets, put on 5);

4) The flowchart of the program (5 sheets).


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