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About the Game


War of the Roses - a multiplayer action-action game which takes place in England since the XV century. Two warring factions - the house of Lancaster (red rose) and the house of York (white rose) came together in a merciless battle for the throne and you have to take one of the parties.

Players have an opportunity to feel yourself as a real medieval knights who do not know mercy, and ready to chop enemies into pieces with swords, axes and arrows of utykat their longbows.

I look forward to large-scale network battles, advanced system of leveling and a huge number of weapons.


- Full customization. Develop your fighting style with 30 abilities that allow you to create a truly unique character.

- Choose a weapon to taste - more than 30 types of weapons, divided into 10 categories, which differ in appearance and are made of different metals.

- Create your own armor with a huge number of helmets and armor elements. Battle of riding - take the horse to vote battle in the new style, using special attacks and techniques.

- Become a true warrior. A deep and thought-out system of levels will open in front of you a lot of opportunities - new ranks, titles, weapons, armor, and more.

- Real rubilovo. Battles in which converge up to 64 players, you will remember forever.




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Работает, хочу подарок=)
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круто все работает
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все супер продавец зачет честный ! советую всем !
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все отлично ключик пришел
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Наконец-то купил ее!!!
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Все здорово, работой дилера доволен.
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Получил ключ.Нареканий нет
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Быстро, качественно. Всем советую!
23.09.2014 15:06:38
Все работает отлично, советую
07.09.2014 22:57:55
Спасибо получил и активировал