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The first issue of the electronic journal "Unknown about known" ("It is necessary to live!") - "To live is to know." The magazine is available in PDF.


I. On the authors and the portal "Triad of Immortality" ...

II. "Circles" in the wheat fields and not only ...

- What do these "circles"?

- Can I get in touch with the "beginning"?

- Who are these messages?

- Who or what creates these "signs"?

- What "language" must read these letters?

- What ideas occur when you read this "schedule" in the fields?

- To decrypt given "Circle" on the sidelines?

- Always there were "circles", and whether they can reduce their activity as a manifestation and disappear altogether?

III. Legends of life: "High up in the mountains ..." ...

- What does the legend?

- What does not read, and learn the legend?

- Legend as a system, "schedule" discovery of the subconscious, where there is a description of non-traditional features ...

IV. "Snowman" ...

- Who treats "Bigfoot"?

- Why do not you find his remains?

- What kind of hypnosis, he owns?

- How does he live?

- How long he can go without food?

- Why is he has great strength?

- How does it affect the weather, wildlife and humans?

- What it has to say nature?

V. UFO ...

- UFOs as energy "High Mind" ...

- We see only 50% of what we see. That represent the remaining 50%?

- UFO ... hypnosis trance ... ... signs "Time": what connects them?

- "Smile" aliens from outer space ...

- All known. Only ignorant mind!

VI. Abnormal phenomena ...

- What should I use, that was never abnormal phenomena?

- If you know what to use, why is it not used?

VII. Reflections of Shambhala ...

VIII. Reflections of Atlantis ...

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Monthly e-zine center of nontraditional ideas, "Unknown about known" ("It is necessary to live!") For those who want to know everything, and everything.

Material magazine covers topics that troubled humanity in the past and that will be relevant in the future.

The magazine is available in print version.


You can order a set of the first five issues of the magazine! Here we give you access to the first cycle of the project "Excellence through the Internet" for FREE!

You also get a free electronic 6th issue of the magazine - "is included in the understanding of the unknown and undiscovered."

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