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"In my opinion," Shabono "- is a masterpiece of literature, social science and magic."

Carlos Castaneda

Rare, beautiful book Florinda Donner, female stalker from the group of magicians nagual Carlos Castaneda, invites the reader to journey into the world of the Yanomamo Indians of South America. Combining the truth and fiction, it transmits an exciting jungle paintings of ghostly light, unusual moods and feelings and, most surprisingly, it conveys a sense of magic and power of Indian ritual.

... The book fills a sense of frantic mythical mysteries ...

Florinda Donner spent a year among people whose lives have not changed since the Stone Age, in a world where men and women still perform strange rituals where "Shaporev" cure illnesses, calling spirits hekur, which believe in the liberation of the soul from the body after death, when the soul rises in the House of Thunder - the unforgettable world of exquisite beauty and magic.

Among other things, the description of Donner - the language and images, irresistible. It surely gives us the myth of primitive primitive people, making themselves Itikoteri unforgettable images for the reader.

Kirkus Reviews


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