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Task 1.

1.MANAGING - is the process of formulation and implementation of control actions, including:

1. collect, process, communication and decision-making;

2. The information processing and decision-making;

3. The management decisions.

2.Sut manufacturing process is to:

1. convert costs ("input") as a result ("Exit");

2. The results reflect the costs of production.

3.K factors of production include:

1. Occupational Health and fixed assets;

2. production revolving funds;

3. all of the options.

4. What is the main function of the production system:

1. output;

2. profit.

5.Polnaya production system of the organization is called:

1. The operating system;

2. The production system;

3. organizational system.

Task 2.

1.Proizvodstvenny management (Eng. Management production,) - a term that means:

1. The management of production;

2. management activities;

3. Production control.

2.Manual Lens production management are:

1. The production and manufacturing systems;

2. management activities;

3. The management and control in the workplace.

3.Po content objectives are divided:

1. on the technological, economic, and production;

2. The administrative, marketing, scientific, technical and social;

3. All the above.

4.Otlichie fixed assets from circulating that they transfer their value to the product with the help of their product:

1. not at once but in installments;

2. once rather than piecemeal.

5.Proizvodstvo - is:

1. The technically complex finished stage of the production process, has clear limits due to the peculiarities of the technology;

2. The manufacturing process has clear limits;

3. technically completed stage of a complex manufacturing process, due to the peculiarities of the technology.

Task 3.

1.Tehnologichesky process is:

1. The process by which changes shape, size, properties of the product;

2. a process that does not alter the shape, size and properties of the product;

3. To complete the process of the transition;

4. there is no right answer.

2. on the formula: T = S T piece i + / n - 1 / x / S T piece b - S m pieces m / duration of treatment is determined by the party at:

1. parallel;

2. parallel - sequential;

3. sequence;

4. there is no right answer.

3.Protsess labor as a result of which no product is created, it is:

1. Auxiliary PP;

2. the main PCB;

3. serving PP;

4. there is no right answer.

4.Netehnichesky process is:

1. The process which leads to a change in the shape, size and properties of the product;

2. The range of efficiencies for the realization of finished products;

3. The process, which does not change the shape, size and properties of the product;

4. there is no right answer.

5.Izdelie is:

1. The finished piece TP performed at one workplace;

2. any item of work to be manufactured in the workplace;

3. The basic structural unit of the PP;

4. there is no right answer.

Task 4.

1.Novaya technique in the making through the following steps:

1. scientific research, technical development, material development;

2. scientific research, project design development, production development;

3. scientific research, design and development of the technical, organizational preparation;

4. there is no right answer.

2. Development of the process is carried out:

1. after working on the design manufacturability;

2. to mining;

3. there is no right answer.

3.Stepen detailed design depends on:

1. The details of the type;

2. the type of production;

3. there is no right answer.

4.Otladka technical processes as a whole and completes the design documentation:


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