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This book deals with the history of the main stages of formation and the current state of the global currency market FOREX or FOREX.

We consider the internal organization of the foreign exchange market and the main most widely used methods of analysis of financial markets, we can predict the behavior of prices, which can ultimately help earn money by working with financial instruments.

Also in this book, the reader can get information about the structure and functioning of the central banks of the major developed countries: the Central Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the Central Bank of Switzerland, the US Federal Reserve and the Central Bank of Japan, the methods and tools they use in the conduct of monetary policy.

The book is a list and description of the main macroeconomic indicators that describe the state of the world's largest economies, and a description of how the value of certain macroeconomic indicators may influence the currency market.

Jobs in the financial markets is impossible without the use of information and trading terminals. How to use the client terminal Meta Trader and what benefits it will bring a merchant? This we talk here.

The book may be of interest to those who are going to trade financial instruments, the company is interested in the banking systems of major countries or the history of the formation of the world system of currency relations. Information about the macroeconomic indicators may be of interest to those concerned with economic statistics and macroeconomics.


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