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NOTE: We only sell the PIN.

On the possibility to use the services ask the provider.

If this is not possible, do not buy the goods.


PROPUSK 20/20 Skip

Your purchase will be equivalent to the acquisition card, corresponding to the nominal value,

which is intended to pay for services provided by the company "ip-tel" (IP-Tel).

After payment you will receive a serial number, PIN activation period.


*** Internet access: ***

1. Access numbers in Moscow: 734-6112, 710-8902, 609-1112, 797-8995 Additional night

2. Login - the first seven digits of the PIN

3. Password - the last five digits of the PIN

-------------------------------------------------- -

*** How to call: ***

1. Dial the access number in Moscow 734-6111 or 710-8901 or 609-1111

2. Set your phone to tone mode (usually button *)

3. Enter the PIN code

4. To call on Russia and Kazakhstan, type: 8 + area code + phone number

for calls to other countries, dial: 810 + country code + area code + phone number

5. To speed up the start of the connection at the end of dialing, press *


Read the terms of service provision, monitor and

replenish a personal account on the site you can, using

free internet access by login and password propusk propusk


Phone Technical Support 363-9699
The deadline for claims: one month from the date of sale.

If you have any complaints, please send a message to and Kipper WMID 006531956175.

Enter your WMID, account number, product name, ID product, phone number.


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