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You buy the official game key Dead Island Definitive Edition from Deep Silver

Release date - May 31. 2016
Game language - ENGLISH
Activation Service: Steam
Activation countries - RU+CIS

About Dead Island:
They thought they had managed to escape death. They were wrong.
On board the warship, where the survivors of the bloody nightmares of the island of Banoi took refuge, a new outbreak of a mysterious epidemic occurred.
In search of salvation, desperate boys and girls left the doomed ship.
But they still do not realize that on an unfamiliar coast, countless hordes of the living dead, thirsting for human flesh, are already waiting for them!

The sequel to the exciting open-world action game will delight fans with completely new locations, weapons and unique methods of fighting hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. The already familiar team was joined by the fifth character - John Morgan, who prefers hand-to-hand combat. Together with them, you will have to find a safe shelter and explore the island of Palanai, covered with half-flooded jungle. Use motor boats to reach remote corners of the land. Create unique weapons and defensive structures. Surviving at any cost and finding the survivors is the challenge you have to face ... and it won´t be an easy one. Hope drowns in blood.

Features of the game:

Challenge the undead with new weapons, skills and communication options
Explore the new island of Palanai on deadly missions surrounded by thousands of infected
Fight for survival alone or invite your friends to a bloody party in co-op mode


16.01.2023 13:20:24
Спасибо, все хорошо
15.12.2022 13:41:13
моментально пришло, всё четко, спасибо <3
07.12.2022 12:01:43
продавец красава все быстро и четко код пришел сразу советую
02.11.2022 20:44:56
Всё работает ехухухух
11.10.2022 15:55:13
Ключ пришёл моментально, великолепно, спасибо продавцу
01.09.2022 12:40:01
ключ пришел моментально
05.08.2022 23:25:52
всё круто ! второй раз купила для мужа
05.08.2022 18:23:07
качаю) спасибо продавцу))
27.07.2022 18:51:02
10.07.2022 6:34:41
Отлично, действительно dead island: definitive edition