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Star Wars The Old Republic Time Card is the cheapest solution if you want to renew your account validity by 60 days. The Card can be used to add game time or activate the full version of Star Wars: The Old Republic without the use of a credit card (the free month of game time will then be added to the 60-day Time Card).

The price is significantly lower than in case of payment via credit card and it´s much safer. So why wait, waste money and give up on your Star Wars MMO experience, when you can buy a Prepaid with ease?

Star Wars The Old Republic lets you create your own team and take part in an epic Star Wars battles. Players join the game as members of either of the two main factions – the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. They can choose one of eight classes and thanks to a meticulously written storyline and dialogue options each player will be able to craft their character´s destiny and decide which side of the Force to choose. Dark sided Jedi? Why not! During adventures, you´ll meet many famous characters and visit places from the Star Wars universe.
Log in to My Account .
If you don´t have a SWTOR account,
you´ll need to create one at
Enter a Code at
Under My Account >> Code Redemption, click the "Enter a Code" button to visit the Code Redemption Center.
Then, enter the Game Time Code as printed on the card.


08.10.2016 16:18:38
First the key didn´t work, then i got a replacement, thank you.
08.10.2016 16:18:09
First key didnt work, but then i got replacement which worked.
08.10.2016 13:25:24
First the key didn´t work, then i got a replacement, thank you.
06.08.2016 22:17:27
все отлично
07.06.2016 21:56:18
07.06.2016 21:56:11
07.06.2016 21:45:31
все супер купил 3 сразу
14.05.2016 0:09:52
получил, все хорошо
03.05.2016 0:19:16
22.11.2015 21:54:42