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Year 1962. Due to the Cold War, the nation gripped by fear. A secret government organization called the "Office" begins to investigate the mysterious new enemy attacks poopasnee than communism. In the role of Agent Carter will you give orders to pull the trigger and lead the squad in this fascinating tactical third-person shooter. Protect humanity from the opponent from another world.

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Activation: STEAM

Region: Free

Genre: Action Games

Developer: 2K Marin

Publisher: 2K Games

Release Date: August 23, 2013
◘ To activate gift-pass key link in the first form of writing nickname (such as your or any letter) the second and third my emails which will link to activate the game.


1. Go for the download link.

2. Press the "Click here for your Steam keys."

3. Press the front of any Steam games.

4. Go to the link "connect to Steam" and log in.

5. All games will be activated on your account.

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