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1. Albums performers. When viewing an album in the same parsed biography and other albums. (Parsed from

2. Genre tags. (Parsed from

3. Top 10 popular Russian radio station tracks. (Parsed from

4. Top performers tracks 20. (parsed from

5. Registration, Authorization - to create playlists (separate page with specific playlists, the ability to share playlists).

6. Caching, albums, tracks, top tracks, top radio.

7. Attached is a direct VC. your server is not downloaded anything.

8. Tracks are parsed with VKontakte API + (use multiple accounts).

9. The template for easy work with a template website design changes, insert the counter, etc. ..

10. The engine is fully automated, set only once.

11. For each section, you can put your titles and of keywords, which is useful for the promotion of these projects.

12. Multi. (You can add other languages).

14. Related video on demand, as a separate page view the video. (Search only on YouTube)

15. The top 100 popular tracks VKontakte, obnolyaetsya Automatic.

16. Radio online (Beta)

17. Specify the number of tracks and videos on the homepage.


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