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[Uplay Account] (Region Free / ROW / with mail)

On account:

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition

After the purchase, you get a login and password to enter the account, as well as mail.

Dear customers, if for some reason you cannot buy goods from this seller with payment systems available to him, ask to contact this seller to remove any restrictions on the purchase of goods.
What to do after purchase?
1) Download / install / run UPlay -
2) Log in to the Uplay client using the received data.
3) Go to the Ubisoft website -
4) Edit mail, at will nickname and account password.
5) Download game.
6) Play.
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11.12.2018 21:46:30
One of the best sellers to deal with, never let me down
17.10.2015 22:33:41
пароль неверный, не могу зайти
почта-нарекании нет, пароль от орижина неверен
продавец всё исправил, всё хорошо
12.08.2015 18:08:50
ништяк ваще крутой сайт всем саветую тема круто класс довольна)))0))0))))))0
05.10.2014 10:54:45
Все отлично. Продавец отвечает оперативно! Спасибо Вам большое!
03.10.2014 9:20:16
Спасибо, все отлично!