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Panda Gold Protection 2017 - Transition / Renewal - for 3 devices - (subscription for 1 year)

Real-Time Protection
Scanning for viruses and other threats on request
Minimal impact on performance and system resources
Web filtering and blocking of dangerous sites
Antispam and Parental Controls
Protection of personal information
Remote access to PC
Password Manager
Home network manager
Encryption and destruction of files
Secure online storage (20 GB)
What does Panda Gold Protection offer?
The best defense ...
From known and unknown viruses and other threats to any device in your home or work (PC, Mac, Android smartphones and tablets). Stay in touch with your family and friends and feel safe.
From online scammers and theft of personal data when using online banking and online stores.
Protect yourself from infected websites and malware when surfing the Internet or using social networking sites.
Useful tools to enjoy your online life and share it with your friends
Panda Gold Protection automatically stores, synchronizes and exchanges your photos, videos and documents between all your devices (PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Blackberry). Storage, synchronization and data exchange in your online life was once not so simple (20 GB of disk space is available for you).
Premium service tailored to your needs
Our security experts will give you the best advice and advice on protecting your online world, and also answer any of your questions that you may have about antivirus software. Plus the technical experts of Panda connect to your computer and remove all threats and malicious programs in case of infection.
PC Recovery System
Start your computer in safe mode and cure it in emergency or critical situations. Share it with anyone you want, and help them cure their computers.
PC Users:
Enjoy maximum security for your PC with Panda Gold Protection. Panda Gold Protection includes everything you need to protect your PC, your data and your family from all types of threats, and even those that are not yet known or implemented.
Mac users:
Panda Gold Protection offers Mac users complete protection against viruses and other Internet threats. Mac users are also vulnerable to infections, like PC users, and given the globalization of the Internet, no one is immune ... Panda Gold Protection protects even the latest versions of Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod devices.
Users of Android smartphones and tablets:
Panda Gold Protection provides your protection against all types of Internet threats. Travel on the Internet, use online stores and online banks, connect to social networks ... in maximum safety.
Installing antivirus software has never been easier. Panda - easy, fast and full-featured.
The product is quickly installed without bothering users.
Enjoy a new, more modern and intuitive user interface in the latest versions of operating systems and platforms.
You do not need to be an expert to use the product: he does everything for you. Install the product and forget about viruses and other threats.
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