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Dear friends, this guide is a collection of various articles about sex, united in a single unit.

The uniqueness of this benefit is that the materials collected here are statistical, and some even scientific character, which is very important, as taking into account the time-tested experience, tips and rules, other people, and they certainly are objective and means , simply put, you get a quality product that will serve you well to educational benefits.

Here you will learn everything or almost everything about sex, and many details associated with it, this handbook is equally useful for both women and men.

Here, sex is viewed from different angles, with male and female respectively. Here you will get acquainted with the typology of individuals and their methods of seduction.

The last chapter is dedicated to the place of the laws of sexual attraction, that is, it comes oformule love, I want to note that it is each person, and you have read this chapter you can calculate it yourself. In the same benefits you will know that sickens or vice versa temptation in bed, men and women.

As well as a respectable audience you will find lot of tips, such as how to become sexier (oh) how to understand whether you like?

How do you know if your modified narrowed to treason?

How to become a good lover?

Read more about all of this chapter you will learn in this manual.

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