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Preparation of artificial sandstone without firing (both built in the beginning of the century)

We would like to recall the long-standing method of manufacturing a building material and refractory compared with others, and cheap, and so udobnoizgotovlyaemogo his every farmer can make himself and the place where he is he needs to build; all very suitable to peasant buildings.

This material - artificial sandstone manufactured without firing, according to the method invented by Ransom about 50 years ago, but for some unknown reasons, and completely forgot how much we know, until now we have not used.

Artificial sandstone, produced by the method of Ransom, may be obtained by any size and shape and is suitable not only for rough wall masonry, but also for small, elegant architectural decorations. It consists of ordinary sand and clay or any other mineral substances such as earth and kremnezemlistogo binder, which makes solids weight. This silica becomes insoluble lime silicate; from this mass acquires the properties of the old Roman cement, which remains unchanged for over two thousand years.


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