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MACROS for Warface no recoil - ultra packs, smooth macros, maximum accuracy macros, left buttom mouse macros for X7!MACROS only for Bloody and A4tech X7 with the internal memory! Macros Effects & X7 LBM macros only for automatic weapons! For mouse Bloody requires a minimum of Bloody last versions and activated 3 core! Not matching software Bloody or version conflict is decided solely by the macros *.amcBefore you purchase MACROS check for the presence and the characteristics of your weapons in the game. !!! Required reading before purchasing a macros By purchasing you confirm that you clicked the link above and carefully read everything!/delivery
- video demonstration of the quality of the macros. The recoil are random, maximum accuracy only at the beginning and recorded on video the best moments!
Macros for sensitivity in the game - 16
The game has many options of recoil, up to the point available for limited number of weapons, any other weapon has a random pattern with different levels of spread, a parametric recoil includes an exact pattern, random spread and the absolute random in any direction!


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